We heard about Golden Retriever Haven online after doing a lot of research to find a Golden Retriever puppy across Canada.

We had a nine year old Golden named Hunter who was the best thing that happened to our family and decided that since he was doing so well that it would be a good time to get a puppy. We visited the Haven twice before making our decision because we took it very seriously. We wanted a dog that would be healthy, have an excellent temperament and a drive to retrieve for bird hunting.

We spent time with Allan and all of his dogs so we could all get to know each other. Allan is clearly a family man and loves each and every one of the puppies. He cares so much about the dogs ending up in a good home that he ensures clients know that he will take the dog back if it does not work out in their home. Trapper has become an important member of our family. He has had a drive to retrieve a hunting dummy since he was barely big enough to bring it back to you when you threw it for him. He is a gentle giant (75 lbs. at 10 months) and is great with everyone, especially small children.

Trapper is Angel and Hunter’s puppy. We have kept in touch with Allan and he has asked for pictures and updates along the way. We would and have recommended Allan to others and are very confident in his abilities to raise excellent Golden pups. Allan knows that we are always available to talk to anyone that is considering getting a puppy from Golden Retriever Haven if they have any questions. Trapper was a blessing in disguise to our family, as three weeks after he became best friends with our other Golden, he became ill and passed away of cancer. We still miss Hunter to this day, but Trapper has filled a void that we can’t possibly explain. Thank you Allan for bringing him into our lives.

C. Davidson Kenora, Ontario


I purchased Jay from Golden Retriever Haven in July 2014 after doing extensive research to find the right breeder. Allan was great to work with, answering all of my questions and providing photos and videos of the puppies and mother (Abbey) along the way.

 Jay has been as perfect a puppy as I could ask for. He’s friendly, smart, obedient, submissive and handsome. He loves to retrieve and play tug, but he’ll keep occupied on his own when I need a break. He’s great around kids and other dogs. Jay is as happy as can be.

From the start, Jay showed a high level of intelligence. He loves to please, so teaching him tricks and commands was a breeze. He learned to come, sit, lay, shake, stay, roll over, heel, spin and leave it within the first month home. Early on, he also picked up the “stick ’em up, bang!” trick and many other fun ones that family and friends like to see. He took about three weeks to become fully housebroken. He never displayed the urge to chew on anything except his toys, and he almost never barks. He’s always happy to greet humans with a wagging tail (and usually with a toy in his mouth).

I truly can’t imagine having a better dog than Jay, but I know all of Allan’s customers say the same thing. He runs a terrific operation with his loving family. Golden Retriever Haven has my full recommendation. When I have the space and time to buy another golden, I know I’ll be back.



My wife and I got our puppy Matteo from Golden Retriever Haven on May 21, 2012. 

Right from an early age he showed an exceptional level of intelligence learning his name, how to sit, come and being COMPLETELY house trained within a month!

Both my wife and I were concerned how well our young pup would handle being alone at night; after keeping him close by us at night for one week, we could move him out to other rooms in the home and he would simply lie down and be quite all night long with not so much as a whimper.

We starting taking Matteo for walks shortly after we got him, it didn’t take us long and we had him leash trained to walk only on
our left side.

He seems to have a good understanding of pace, never jogging or running without my wife or myself speeding up first. Even now when we take him to the large valley behind our place, we can freely let him off the leash and he strays no more than 5 steps before looking back to make sure we are still close by.

Many people think that having such a large breed of dog in a city can be dangerous for them due to the elevated amounts of traffic throughout the day, but Matteo almost refuses to leave his fenced in yard unless we tell him to come, in which case he makes sure to stick right by our side and NEVER cross the road until he is told its ok to do so.

Now, at the age of 6 months, with enough energy to tire an elephant, he will wrestle and play for as long as you are willing. During this time, he does not bite (only playfully nips) and at times when you are simply too tired to play after work, he is quite content just sitting at your feet and taking a nap.

In the morning’s he patiently waits for his food bowl to be filled, gently scratches at the door
during the day when he needs to go out, he will pee on COMAND with the words “Go Pee”. When it’s time to put him in his kennel when I leave for work, he knows exactly what to do and waits by the kennel door for me to come open it, and if I take too long he will open it himself and wait till I come close it for him. The same goes for bedtime; he simply comes to the kennel and goes in willingly without any protest or fuss; as long as you pet him first!

All in all, we are overwhelmingly happy with our puppy, he has been a breeze to train and has become like a child for us whom we
love deeply. I would whole heartedly recommend Golden Retriever Haven to anyone looking for a loving family pet.

Jake, Jess & Matteo.

Hunter &


Piper has been a wonderful addition to our family and has filled the void left when Scout passed on after almost 16 years with us. 

Piper has a laid back personality and yet is very playful and has a quite the sense of humour. She loves to meet new people and animals and is never shy or aggressive. She is a bit of a watch dog as well and lets us know when she thinks something is going on outside that we should know about. I find that she is very vocal and has many different sounds that she makes to communicate with us.

Her coat is very flat and smooth and not bushy or too thick (one of the reasons that I was interested in your dogs) She as lighter eyes (very similar to Angels) and she gets complimented on how beautiful she is by everyone that meets her. She is quite muscular and very well-toned and her strength is surprising. In my opinion she is perfectly proportioned.

Allan, I think that you have done a fantastic job and I am very happy that we have one of your dogs.

Best regards,

Jeff, Krista, Kendall, Delaney and Piper.



Willard & Lola

"There is no psychiatrist like a puppy licking your face"

 Golden Retriever Haven


When I was deciding on what kind of dog I wanted to raise with my 4 year old daughter, the Golden Retriever breed met the ideals I wanted in a family pet. But, I also knew I wanted one from a breeder who cared greatly about their dogs and carefully bred for characteristics I had read about in all the articles about Golden Retriever dogs.  So, when I talked to Allan Waldner about his Golden Retriever Haven dogs, he was so proud of them and I could tell he put a great deal of effort into them.  Without ever having to see the puppy or its parents, I felt confident I would get the type of pup I wanted from a man willing to take the dog back into his home, regardless of the age of the dog, or the reason for surrendering it.  Our now-5month old female Kaiya is everything I wanted in a family pet. 
While all puppies require much attention and vigilance in their training, Kaiya has all the right traits for training bred into her.  She would sit when I got her if she was uncertain of what was being asked of her, and I could tell she had been handled
a great deal, as she has a natural love of people and shows nothing but joy in being with our family.  She has such a great personality and social skills, in addition to her quick ability to learn the simple commands we’ve asked.  Her and my daughter are “thick as thieves”, and Kaiya is very receptive to my daughter’s commands.  They also play like only a 4 year old child and a puppy can, and yet Kaiya never gets mad at her, not nipping or biting intentionally.  My daughter also often uses her as a “pillow” while laying on the floor, and that is when Kaiya is truly happiest.  Anyone who is looking for Golden Retriever as a family pet, especially with small children, can feel confident that Allan Waldner and Golden Retriever Haven can meet their expectations.  They are breeders with integrity, who truly care about the puppies they sell.  Sincerely, Brandi and Dean Onyskevitch Regina, SK

We got our puppy Cody from Golden Retriever Haven on June 28 2014.

Right from an early age he showed that he had a great level of intelligence, within a month he new tricks like come, sit and down. Once he understood the routine of his potty training he would go from his crate straight to the door when he wanted to go pee. When we go outside we command the words “Go Pee” or “Go Poo” and he listens and continues to listen amenably.

The day after we got Cody we started taking him on walks right away. At first he didn't want to go but when we got the treats involved he would walk perfectly and after a little bit he new how to walk properly without treats. When we take him with us in the car he always sticks his head out the window and when we get to the pet store he wants to meet everybody.

 At 4 months Cody knew how to do sit, down, shake paw, high five, and roll over and now he does these tricks perfectly. After we come home Cody enjoys a game of fetch. Overall Cody is a very affectionate dog who's been a great addition to our family.

We would recommend Golden Retriever Haven to anyone who's looking for a great family pet.

Anastasia Pasichnyk





After deciding that we wanted a golden retriever, my boyfriend and I searched for weeks for a breeder in the Edmonton area.

We were specifically looking for the dark red colour of the goldens and our search was coming up empty. Finally, we found the goldenretrieverhaven.com website which explained that they breed puppies for their colour and we were ecstatic!

Although they were located in Manitoba, we contacted Allan right away. He had let us know that he was experienced with flying puppies across the country, so we trusted that our pup was in good hands. Before we knew it, we were waiting for the birth of our puppy!  Over the next couple months of waiting, Allan kept us up to date with the pregnancy and the mother's condition. As soon as the puppies were born we were informed and several weeks later we chose our puppy over video (as we live in Alberta). It was all so exciting! When the time came to get our little guy, Allan organized the travel plans and flight and all we had to do was pick him up at the Edmonton airport. It was so simple and Allan was so helpful through the whole process. He answered all of our questions!

We now have a happy and healthy nearly 6 month old puppy named Tucker and we couldn't be more pleased with him. He is incredibly smart, so loyal, and a truly great companion. He loves to swim and play with other dogs and kids. He is everything that we could have asked for, a true part of our family, and I give Allan and Golden Retriever Haven all the credit. They truly breed beautiful and genetically sound goldens and I would recommend Golden Retriever Haven to anyone. Thanks so much Allan! We couldn't be happier!

Jake, Mahra, and Tucker


We have purchased 2 Golden Retrievers from Golden Retriever Haven.

We have always owned Goldens, but had never really traveled a distance to purchase. Golden Retriever Haven was 6 hours away. I had done some calling around to different breeders, but Allan was the only one that took time to answer all my questions and concerns.

His pride and love for his dogs was very evident right from the start, he wanted assurance that they would be placed in a good, loving home.

Allan periodically touches base with us to inquire about how the dogs are doing and enjoys receiving photos of them. Allan’s dogs are beautiful, intelligent of excellent background and breeding.

Their loving and gentle disposition goes without saying . They are wonderful with children.

I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Golden Retriever Haven as your place of selection and purchase of a Golden Retriever.



Bosco came into our lives in January 2014. He was born to Hunter and Angel on December 1, 2013. We knew we wanted a darker coloured retriever and were excited to have found Allan’s website Golden Retriever Haven. Upon arriving at Allan’s home we were shown all the puppies and told to pick one! What a hard decision…but Allan was very patient with us and gave us lots of information as we were deciding. Bosco showed intelligence within the first few hours we had him. We made the trip to get him from Regina Beach, Saskatchewan and stopped a few times on the way home for him to go to the bathroom. He didn’t have one accident and each time we stopped he did his business. By 8 weeks Bosco knew how to shake a paw, lay down, lay down and wait for his food and also learned that he had to wait at the top of the stairs until we got down before he could come. He also already had quite the personality.  Bosco was easily crate trained and potty trained too.  

At 8 months we took him to obedience school which was very beneficial for him and us. Although very smart, Bosco needed to learn that he was not pack leader in our family.  Bosco could do everything asked of him but didn’t like doing the things being taught over and over again.  He bored easily causing him to act out (just like a kid). Bosco loves people, especially kids and other dogs. He is still working on reading other dog’s body language and his place in the pack when playing but is learning.  He has a lot of energy , likes to go for runs, play ball and loves swimming and playing in water!  He enjoys walking but it doesn’t wear off a lot of his energy so needs to run! He also loves to retrieve—not only tennis balls but our shoes, clothes, tea towels and SOCKS (anything he can find)!  Bosco is very loving and likes to be by us whether at our feet or right beside us on the couch or bed.  He draws attention wherever we go and gets many compliments on how handsome he is.  Although Bosco`s puppy years have been challenging for us at times due to his energy and relentlessness he is starting to grow up and is become a very intelligent, obedient and loving Golden Retriever. A Golden Retriever that Golden Retriever Haven would be very proud of.

Justin, Nicole & Bosco Freitag​


In a nutshell:

Lily is such an affectionate animal, and so smart, so strong and absolutely beautiful. She is crazy about fetching a ball, the kids race to see her the second they are in the door, we cannot imagine life without her. Our kids already are asking if we can get another puppy just like Lily. She is such a terrific part of our family and we are extremely pleased we found you Allan.



I found Golden Retriever Haven and Allan’s kennel online. 3 days after I lost my second beloved 14-year-old Golden Retriever to cancer.  Luckily, Allan just happened to have a 4-week-old litter from Angel and Hunter with 3 puppy choices still open.  I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to be getting a new puppy as I had a lot of uncertainty in my life at that time.

But I realized no time is perfect and I needed another Golden to help fill the emptiness in my heart.  I have had a golden at home over the last 18 years.  After checking with other breeders in the eastern provinces. I could not find any suitable puppies that were becoming available soon. I was a bit hesitant and cautious about dealing with a breeder without being able to be physically visiting them myself.  I worried about picking a pup without seeing her, as I always had picked my pup.  However after talking with Allan, I instantly had a good gut feeling about him and trusted him.

 I was left with the impression he is breeder who is proud, knowledgeable, and cares about his dogs and the health and temperament of the breed.  I still did my own research myself of the of the parent’s pedigree lines and previous generation breeders and kennels from what I could find.  Health and Longevity were my biggest concern.  Just coming through multitudes of health issues in the last few years of my last golden’s life.  And knowing other local golden owners who also had health issues. Allan was very reassuring and accommodating in what I wanted in my next dog.  I had a bucket list of preferences and priorities, Dark coat, contrasting dark/white colour, smaller body size, head shape like Hunter. Medium activity level, natural hunter and retriever. Confident, not fearful. Intelligent and Easy to train.  He was willing to work with me to pick a pup as close to what I wanted with the pups within my choice. He was patient and very helpful in finally getting her delivered here to me In New Brunswick. I hadn’t met Carlee yet but I loved her already. So I anxiously waited for her arrival, when she was ready. So at 8 weeks   my son who lives and works in Alberta picked up his new little sister and drove her across the country to my home in New Brunswick.

Carlee quickly adjusted and traveled well in her crate propped between the two front seats. She had a 4-day view of the highway.

Since she arrived she has brought such joy, focus and a routine back to the whole family.  She is very willing to please, very smart and catches on quick to any training. She gets most concepts in one session with a few treats. The second day I had her, She was sitting and staying for her food dish. And she loves food, any food.  She is very food and toy motivated.  Tug Ropes especially and all my electronic charging cables, not moved away from her reach have suffered.  I have her on a feeding schedule, so housebreaking has been easy, She quickly does her stuff when let outside, just a few accidents inside when people aren’t paying attention, At 4 months she mastered on command, give a paw and lay down. Roll over, Speak and Heel. She also loves to retrieve, everything and instantly willing to bring her toy right to your hand to throw it again. At 13 weeks, she retrieved a grouse. At 20 weeks a small duck.  Her first hunting experiences and she was not scared of the shotgun.

 She learned with three treats the concept of targeting to the palm of my hand. And will come running full tilt and nose plant on my hand.  This comes in handy getting her to move where I want to position her and get her to come.  She is moderately active, Lots of energy to go for a walk in the woods. She has a brief time through the day she gets pretty wound up and mischievous, but the majority of the time she is content to cuddle and nap or go for a long drive.  She sleeps all night and likes to sleep in but wakes me up by sitting on my head or pillow.

Off leash She never wanders off very far, stays close by her people, content to amuse herself.  Her personality is really starting to show now, she has an exceptional smeller, is very determined and thinks for herself, definitely a climber, pretty confident and adjusts to new things pretty quick. I have to be very careful where I put things because she will try to find a way to climb and get it.  I am very satisfied with her. And if I could, I would not hesitate to get another.


Highly recommend Allan, and his dog breeding business, Golden Retriever Haven to anyone who is looking for a Golden Retriever that comes from a good pedigree and caring owner. Allan takes great pride in his business to ensure the puppies he sells are in pristine health and are rehomed to a caring family. He was easy to keep in touch with by sending puppy update photos, as well videos which made the wait for our puppy’s arrival so much more exciting. All the dogs he breeds are in excellent health condition, very friendly, well-tempered and extremely smart. I am over the moon happy with the decision I made to purchase my pup, Olive, from Golden Retriever Haven. I have never had a Golden Retriever so easy to train, smart and obedient at only a few months of age. Thank you Allan, for answering all the questions I had, for providing assistance when it was needed and for genuinely caring for the animals you breed. It made me happy to see that you took such an interest in your own dogs, that they weren’t just for breeding. I will definitely be getting my next golden from you, and will continue to recommend your business!” 
Thea Madill

Call Us !


Hi all! Our names are Tara and Cory, we were asked by Allen if we would be interested in writing a testimonial about our beloved dog’s that we got from Allen, our answer……. OMG YES! everybody needs to know about your dogs! Tara and I have both had many different dogs of many different breeds in the past, when we purchased our new country home last year the conversation started about a dog. We are both dog lovers and we both value the love and security a dog can bring to a family, also we really felt the need to have a friend for our 8 year old daughter to grow with. Well it was a short conversation as to whether or not we need a dog, basically minutes! YES WE DO! However….. My lovely wife is ummmmm STUBORN! So coming to the decision of what breed we were going to agree on was a long, drawn out process (and a lot of sucking up on my part) before we ultimately decided that a Golden Receiver was going to be our next family member. Tara has a tendency to do a LOT of research on everything we purchase regardless of the cost which may or may not drive me crazy! But I am forever grateful to her for finding Allen and his dogs.  It seemed too good to be true that we could find a breeder of exactly what we were looking for just down the road from our new home in the Boonies! So we picked a day that worked for us and Allen and wemade the trip. When we arrived it was blatantly obvious to us both that this was not just another breeder, this was a man that loved and cared about EVERY dog he had in his kennels……and there was a lotta dog’s to love! He walked us through and showed us which litters were available and when, which was a bit overwhelming to say the least because any dog lover would have wanted them all just as we did. After seeing all the dog’s and scratching a lot of ears we keyed in on the one litter of pup’s that would be ready to go first because we knew now that we couldn’t wait to long to get one of them home! Due to the understandable demand for Allen’s pup’s we needed to put a finger on one that day but we were torn about the idea of not allowing our daughter to be part of a choice that would inevitably affect her for many years to come. Allen being the person that he is he completely understood and we scheduled another viewing as soon as we were able. I say the person he is because Allen is a dog lover and family man first and a breeder second, he understands and he cares where his dog’s go and he show’s great interest in how the dogs are raised and cared for which I found to be a very unique quality in a breeder, and to be quiet honest it may have been one of the things that sold us on his dog’s. A short time after we were able to take our daughter out to pick “The One”, when we arrived she was as much or more overwhelmed than we were and bursting with excitement that she was picking out her new dog!  Tara and I had decided that we wanted a male so we were at least able to narrow her search to a few pups. After many belly rubs and kisses she made her decision, and there he was…….Willard!  Yeah we know, funny name but it’s a long story, but I assure you if you ever met him you would know in a second that he IS Willard! This was it, we were taking our new baby home and we truly could not be more excited. Willy fared well on the drive home, no car sickness no whining, just snuggles. 
Well, not gonna lie, the first night was well……not real pleasant! Not at all unexpected but we thought we would try and get him broke in fast by leaving him in the laundry room with lots of room to move, but Willy had other ideas. Needless to say he spent the first night at our bedside but that was the one and only time! It was simply a matter of days that Willy slept on his big comfy couch in the garage and you will still find him there tonight! BUT……. His little sister will be there too! Yup we bought a second pup about 6 months after Willy. They share the same father (Hunter) and same mother (Nelly).  Lola (that’s her name…Awwww) spends every second inches from her big brother and they have been that way from the moment they were introduced.
I have had a Golden in the past, I was a big supporter of that breed during discussions with Tara as to what we were going to purchase, but I know now that I really truly never knew how amazing and how incredibly intelligent these dogs are. Willy and Lola were both learning tricks and following commands within only a few weeks of getting home! And I truly believe that they could learn anything you wanted them to if you’re willing to dedicate the time to it, and they will be HAPPY to do it! They absolutely love to serve and to please, it is endless. I could and tend to go on for hours about our babies, but it would never truly do either of them justice nor does a simple picture but I hope it put’s any doubt in your mind if you were considering this breed and particularly this breeder, you will NOT find better!  Oh one more thing, it always stuck with me, cause I thought it kinda funny when I said it in my head. Allen has on a few occasions…..Babysat our babies for us! No that’s not the funny part, what’s funny is that when I told a friend about it he said now that’s good after sales service! And it stuck with me because well first it made our babies sound like used cars but more so that who would EVER expect that from their breeder? And the only reason we ever took advantage of it was because Allen offers it!  We keep in contact with Allen and he us, why? Well because he cares! Allen knows our babies and they know him, what more could you ever ask for in a pet breeder? NOTHING! Allen is the best you’ll find and the dog’s well my heart pounds with excitement when I come home to my kids and they meet me with even more excitement and love than I ever thought possible!!
Good Luck! And GOOD CHOICE. Sincerely,  Cory, Tara, Kiya, Willy, Lola, Mikey and Mona!!!!
We welcomed 2 puppies from Golden Retriever Haven into our home this past year. 

Breezy became apart of our family in November 2013 and Hunter in January 2014.  We were a bit worried about adding them to our family as we also have a 14 1/2 year old Golden Retriever (Beamer). We worried for nothing as all 3 have bonded well with each other.  The young ones know Beamer is the safe zone when they want peace & quiet.  I am so impressed how both puppies realize with her advancing age that she must be treated differently; no rough housing with her.

Kennel training was easy.  Both took to the kennel as if it was their second home.  We only kennel them now when we go out. So as soon as they hear the TV go off they wait by their kennels to go in.  When we get home they wait quietly to be let out.  Breezy is usually on her back with her paws in the air and Hunter is sitting patiently.

My husband house trained them in 3 weeks.  He taught them to ring a bell by our back door when they needed to go out. Walks are a must as they are very high energy.  My husband and I love the fact that they get us lazy people up exercising.  They also spend lots of time playing together and are great at entertaining themselves with stuffed toys and chew toys. I was very ill in September and unable to do much they were wonderful companions at this time as they seem to realize I needed cuddling not rough housing and helped me heal quickly.

We are very pleased with our choice of breeder, so much so we ended up welcoming not 1 but 2 puppies into our lives in 1 year.  Breezy and Hunter have brought so much joy and love to our family and extended family.  We would recommend Golden Retriever Haven to anyone who wants to bring a loving companion to their home.

Ken, Patti, Beamer, Breezy & Hunter