"There is no psychiatrist like a puppy licking your face"

 Golden Retriever Haven


Kari comes from a great deep red bloodlines, her father is a champion and her grandfather is a legend.

True hunting, obedience, and agility are strong points in her pedigree. Friendly, cheerful, and easy to connect with.

She's all business and very athletic when she's out in the field and the water, but she can curl up at your feet and be a therapy dog.    



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Her name Havens Amazing Grace says it all: she is calm, gentle, loving and kind.

She is a therapy dog to the core. Her parents are Mia and Hunter, a real winning combination.

She portrays the strong qualities of both her parents, her elegant dark red coat, and her head and body profile is stunning.


Katie is an exceptional Golden Retriever. She is a CKC registered female. She has a well proportioned, beautiful body, a gentle and calm face and personality. She has beautiful brown eyes that are full of expression; she bonds very well with the people in her life, very submissive, calm, gentle and obedient. Certainly capable of being a man's best friend.


Abbey is the pride and joy of our family.

She is a CKC registered female.

She is a true Golden Retriever with hunting and retrieving abilities deep in her blood. She loves to connect, give and receive affection from the people in her life.

She is obedient, intelligent and gentle; always striving to please her master. Her rich dark golden coat is her crowning beauty; her head and muzzle are the marks of a true Golden Retriever.


 Angel is a CKC registered 5 year old female with health clearances. She comes from some great retrieving lineage and has the most beautiful eyes and gentle face ever.

She responds well to love and affection like most golden retrievers and is a very important part of our family.


Mia is a CKC registered female.

A gorgeous and beautiful elegant golden coat covering her well proportioned body.  She loves to cuddle with the people in her life being very affectionate, great with children and even strangers.

She was born for birds and water and simply springs to life whenever she is retrieving in the field or in the water.